Wodan "Short Groove EP"

Wodan / Short Groove EP  (CD-R:LVCD-007...Out of Stock /DIGITAL)

01. code red - postschaffner
02. mit style rmx
03. short groove
04. one love
05. skizze1
06. dfr
07. butterfly
08. odd 5

Wodan, born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, grew up listening to electro, hip-hop, low beats, and also a healthy dose of early German techno. He started Djing and producing at an early age. While exploring his musical abilities within Germany, he met Lo-Vbies' KK through myspace.com in 2007, and subsequently joined Lo-Vibes Productions. The word that best describes Wodan's music is "hard." Wodan's sounds, while incorporating electronic noise, remains phat and untamed. KK compiled eight tracks from Wodan's arsenal of beats that are espeically heavy and hip-hop-esque, under the belief that "untamed music will not become 'old' even after 10 years." The fat beats of "code red - postschaffner" and "skizze1," the super heavy bass of "one love," and the swiftness of "dfr" and "odd 5" are beyond ordinary, and needs to be heard. The featured 2 MCs (Mavys with a ragga style flow, and the juvenile MC Roluxx) presents an interesting attraction even to those of us that aren't too familiar with German rap. Limited release of 150 CDRs!!

ドイツはハンブルグで生まれ育ったWodan。エレクトロやHip-Hop,ロウビーツなどの音楽を聴きつつ, アーリージャーマンテクノの洗礼もたっぷり受けて育った。2007年,Lo-VibesのKKとmyspace.comを通じて邂逅, Lo-Vibes Productionに新加入することとなる。Wodanの音の魅力は一言で言えば『硬派』。電子音やノイズなどをたっぷり散りばめつつも,あくまで野太く武骨である。「武骨に作られた音楽は10年後聴いても古くならない」という信条を持つKKが、今回Wodanの楽曲の中でも特に太くてHip-Hop寄りの8曲をコンパイルした。 ”code red-postschaffner”や“skizze1”でのファットなビートや“one love”の極太ベース、“dfr”後半部や”odd 5”での激しい疾走感は,聴き所十分,只者ではない。フィーチャリングされた2人のMC(ラガ寄りのフロウを聴かせるMavysとキッドMCのRoluxx)のラップも、ドイツ語の響きが最初聞き慣れないものの,聴けば聴くほど不思議な魅力にはまる。CDRで150枚限定リリース!!

All Beats Produced by Wodan
Except 1.Produced by Phil & Wodan
Vocal on 2. by Roluxx
Vocals on 4, 6. by Mavys
Compiled & Mastered by Khaosist

(P)+(C) 2007-2016 Lo-Vibes Recordings
Released in July 10, 2007

Remastered by Khaosist in May, 2016 at LVSL.

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