KK the Khaosist "in the Khaos '69"

KK / in the Khaos '69  (CD:LVCD-008)
01. Tune Up
02. Dance in the Khaos (feat.RUMI)
03. Locomotive Dub
04. Snoozer Breaker (whoa!) (feat.環Roy)
05. Circle
06. Death 2U2
07. いつか、また... (feat.Candle)

08. Mosaic
09. Pounce (feat.Offwhyte)
10. Erebus
11. Positive Zombie (feat.Kochitola Haruretic Emcee's)
12. Abstep
13. Mellow Out

14. Pounce (feat.Offwhyte) Flugeance Remix *
13. Dance in the Khaos (feat.RUMI) Quarta 330 Remix *

(*)...DIGITAL Only
"For My Friends (feat.Doctor Mahida)" "Trio (feat.miroque & Kiyomi)" are  included on Original CD only.

This work is classic deep KK dope hip hop sound; a world only KK can create. At the same time, it introduces a new direction by incorporating the essence of Grme/Dubstep hot in Europe right now as well as live instruments. Miroque, who's participation in the Haruomi Hosono tribute and Headz' newest release is much talked about, Kyoto's creator AX, Nara's dubstep artist T2R, and colorful instrument players and singers add their own touch to the KK sound. Similar to the last album, many magnificent MCs are featured as guests. MC RUMI, who swept over the 2007 scene with "Hell Me WHY??" from Sanagi Recordings, MC Candle, whose first album from Mary Joy elevated him as one of the most prominent skilled MCs around, MC Tamaki ROY whose popularity is rising through releases from DA.ME. Records and guest appearances on other artists' works, 3MCs Kochitola Haguletic Emcee's lead by popular MC Chinza Dopeness, MC Doctor Machida whose first album is anticipated this year, and also MC Offwhyte from US prominent underground crew Galapagos4! The entanglement between the unique guests and KK's artisan productions skills make this a must-listen. Full volume 14 tracks.

今作は、Grime/Dubstepのエッセンスや,生楽器を取り入れた新機軸路線でありながら、 従来のKKの深みのあるドープヒップホップサウンドもしっかり絡めた、KKにしか生み出せない音世界が構築されている。 京都のクリエイターAX、奈良のダブステップアーチストT2R、Headzからの最新作や細野晴臣トリビュートへの参加でも話題の奇才音姫miroqueや、多彩な楽器プレイヤー,シンガーらが参加し,KKサウンドに彩りを添えている。
また前作に引き続き豪華ゲストMC陣を結集。Sanagi Recordingsを牽引、名盤『Hell Me WHY??』で2007年のシーンを席巻した女流MC RUMI、Mary Joyからのファーストアルバムで屈指の実力派MCの一人に登り詰めたMC Candle、DA.ME.Recordsからのリリースや多様なアーチストへの客演で人気もうなぎ上りのMC 環ROY、人気MC鎮座Dopeness率いる3MCs Kochitola Haguletic Emcee's、KKの前作でフィーチャーされ評判となり,今年ソロデビューも予定されるMC ドクトルマチダ、またアメリカからはUS屈指のアンダーグラウンドクルーGalapagos4から、随一の実力派MC Offwhyteが参戦! KKの相変わらずの職人的プロデュース術と、個性派ゲスト陣の絶妙な絡みは必聴です。全14曲フルヴォリューム収録。

All Beats Produced, Mixed & Mastered by KK
Excepr 03 Produced by KK+T2R, 06 produced by KK+AX
Artwork by harukoboll
Distributed by Ultra Vybe

(P)+(C) 2007-2008 Lo-Vibes Recordings
Released in July 5, 2008

Remastered by Khaosist in June, 2017 at LVSL.

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