01. 反吐が出るぞ (Produced by ARI1010&KK)
02. 踊りましょう (Produced by KK)
03. I Hate You (Produced by ARI1010&KK)
04. 破戒セヨ (Produced by Himuro Yoshiteru&KK)
05. Life (Produced by KK)
06. 人ごみ (Produced by Himuro Yoshiteru)
07. 嘘つき (Produced by KK)
08. ヴァレンタインデー (Produced by Heron a.k.a.BUN)
09. 浪夢 (Produced by DJ Gondwana
 a.k.a.KK the Khaosist)
10. 意気揚々 (Produced by KK)
11. No.9 (Produced by KK)
12. 凡愚合唱 (Produced by ARI1010&KK)
13. WWW (Produced by KK)
14. 命あるうちは闘ってから死ね (Produced by Himuro Yoshiteru)
15. 人ごみで (Produced by Drastik Adhesive Force)
16. 君の名は (Produced by DJ Gondwana a.k.a.KK the Khaosist)

The dopest MC with one mic…ARI1010, is releasing a much-anticipated 2nd album!! His debut album “TENSQRT” released in 2003 followed by the critically acclaimed joint collaboration with Eudai Moniaus "Monument" in 2004 and also the EP “Hakai seyo” from Mary Joy in 2007.
He also made a guest appearance on Zen-La-Rock, Candle, Kirico and Kaigen’s album and has been performing live on tour. The long-anticipated self-titled 2nd album is finally coming out!!
His style mixes elements of , anger , humour , absurdity and the pathos of life which has matured with age and developed a strong individuality which gets better every time you listen.
His producers are KK, his old ally, Himuro Yoshiteru, a beat maestro who's recoganized globally , the mysterious beat maker Heron , Drastik Adhesive Force and DJ Gondwana from Lo-Vibes Records. The artwork is designed by BAKIBAKI who is making waves in Europe.
"As long as you alive, fight to the death..." Get ready for round 2.

2003年に1stアルバム『TENSQRT(テンスカート)』、2004年ユーダイモニアスとのコラボ名作「Monument」、2007年にはMary JoyからEP「破壊セヨ」をリリース。 その後も全裸ロック、Candle、キリコ、Kaigenらのアルバムに客演しつつ、地道なライブ活動を続けてきたARI1010(アリセンジュウ)。待望の自己名義でのセカンドアルバムが遂に登場!!
プロデュースは盟友KK、世界規模で活動するビート職人Himuro Yoshiteru、謎の実力派ビートメイカーHeron、Lo-VibesからDrastik Adhesive Force, DJ Gondwanaらが高濃度のビートでバックアップ。Artworkはヨーロッパでも高い評価を得る鬼才BAKIBAKIが担当。

Mixed, Edited & Mastered by KK
Artwork by BAKIBAKI (Doppel)
Distributed by Ultra Vybe

(P)+(C) 2010 Lo-Vibes Recordings
Released in November 9, 2011

Remastered by Khaosist June, 2017 at LVSL.

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