Nadsroic "Yokka"

Nadsroic / Yokka  (CD:LVCD-016/DIGITAL:LVDD-011)
01. Sakura (Edited by Nadsroic & KK)
02. On the Run (Beat produced by Repeat Pattern)
03. Angil (Beat produced by Nadsroic)
04. Tainted (Beat produced by Daisuke Tanabe)
05. Show Pony (Beat produced by KK)
06. Circa (Beat produced by Drastik Adhesive Force)
07. Shadow (Beat produced by Yosi Horikawa)
08. Jam (Kalimba by Yosi Horikawa, Beat produced by KK)
09. Show Pony (jealousguy Remix) (Beat remixed by jealousguy)

The cutting edge UK crew luckyme released "Room Mist EP", which was fully produced by Hudson Mohawke in 2009. Its Female MC, Nadsroic held listeners across the world captive with her whisper voice and her characteristic chorus-working The same year, she moved to Japan for two years and interacted with the Japanese music scene and a wide variety of creator, while teaching English to children.
and Now, in 2013…"yokka", the compilation of carefully chosen songs by select creator that she met in Japan will finally be released! ("yokka" means “ok,ok. No problem!” in the dialect of Kagoshima, where she lived.)
Her voice dances like a petal on the wind over the richly varied music of the uniquely styled creators, Yosi Horikawa, Daisuke Tanabe, Repeat Pattern, jealousguy, KK, Drastic Adhesive Force.
Having returned to her home country of UK, and working to expectations of further developments from her base in London, this album is a work both “kind and profound” which, along with holding up the manifold happy memories of her time in Japan, is also wrapped up in strong and heavy feelings for the many people who were lost during the unforgettable earthquake of 2011.

Hudson Mohawkeのプロデュースによる”Room Mist EP”で世界のビーツリスナーを釘付けにした、ロンドンのフィメールMC, Nadsroicが、日本のトップクリエイターを結集させた4年ぶりの新作をリリース!
UKの最先端クルーluckymeより2009年、Hudson Mohawkeの全面プロデュースにより"Room Mist EP"をリリース。そのウィスバーボイスと独特なコーラスワーク、詞世界で世界中のリスナーを虜にしたFemale MC, Nadsroic。 同年夏から二年間、日本に居住し、子供達に英語を教えながら、日本の音楽シーンや多数のクリエイターと交流。 そして2013年…日本で出会った選りすぐりのクリエイターと厳選された楽曲を集大成した"yokka"が遂にリリースされる!
Yosi Horikawa, Daisuke Tanabe, Repeat Pattern, jealousguy, KK, Drastic Adhesive Forceといった個性派クリエイターによって練り込まれた、ヴァラエティに富んだ音の上を、彼女の美しい声が花びらのように舞う。

All Lyrics by Nadsroic
Artwork by Alice Dufay, Kazuya Ito as toi whakairo
Edited & Mastered by KK
Distributed by Ultra Vybe

(P)+(C) 2013 Lo-Vibes Recordings
Released in August 7, 2013

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