Dragons of Edin "Sediments"

Dragons of Edin / Sediments  (CD:LVCD-004/DIGITAL)

01. Draft
02. Hammock
03. Dynamicron
04. Solidfied
05. Reclus
06. Inflection
07. Hunter
08. Rotten Fruit
09. Transgression (featuring ARI1010)
10. Enlight
11. Travel
12. Drift

Hip-Hop act "Dragons of Edin"... The underground junkies may be familiar with Dragons of Edin through appearances in compilations such as "Persecution of Hip Hop" and "Inside Out" & "Angels & Insects." Finally their own first album is being released with overwhelming quality and volume. The 2 MCs Shrug Nice and Eudai Moniaus create a deep and conscious lyrical universe with versatile delivery and stabilized skill. Fascinating darkness coupled with assertiveness highlighted with English and Japanese languages present to be truly unique. Featuring beats by KK (introduced to the US audience through DJ Krush's "Kakusei"), Mihara, DJ Dolbee, and Sugaya from Japan. Shel Shock, known through collaborations with Aesop Rock and Cannibal Ox, appears from NY. Also accompanied by comrade ARI1010 (Tokyo) lyrically; J-Smoke (Allies) and anomie on the cuts.
A new 'vacuum' is born through collaborations with various artists in the Japanese break beat scene that the US underground scene alone could not have created. This combination of shrug and eudai shall keep on expanding in the future. 

USのHip-Hopアクト"Dragons Of Edin"・・・アンダ-グラウンドコンピ"Persecution of hip hop"や"Inside Out"で、本国だけでなくすでに日本のアングラジャンキーにもお馴染みになった、彼ら自身のファーストアルバム。shrugとeudaiの2MCのコンシャスで深みのある詞世界、多彩なデリヴァリーと安定したスキル、魅力的な暗さとアクの強さ、そして日本語と英語の2MCという類い稀なスタイルはまさに唯一無二。KK、Mihara、DJ Dolbee、Sugaya, Inc.らの日本クリエイター陣や、Aesop Rock, Cannibal Ox等とのコラボレーションでも知られるShel-Shock、そしてラップで盟友ARI1010、スクラッチでAlliesのJ-SmokeやAnomieらが参加。日本のブレイクビ-ツシ-ンのクリエイタ-多数参加により、USアンダーグラウンドシ-ンだけでは生み出し得なかった独特の空間が生まれている。 

Directed by Dragons of Edin & KK
Beat Produced by KK (, DJ Dolbee (10), Mihara (9),
Shel-Shock (3), Sugaya Inc. (7.11), Dragons of Edin (5)
Cuts by J-Smoke (3), Anomie (5.7.8)
Mixed, Edited & Mastered by KK
except "Hunter" Mixed by Sugaya,Inc.
Lyrics Written by dragons of edin
Except "Enlight" Written by dragons of edin & A-Twice
"Transgression" written by dragons of edin & ARI1010
Artwork by Maliks
Distributed by Ultra Vybe

(P)+(C) 2004-2016 Lo-Vibes Recordings
Released in February 14, 2004

Remastered by Khaosist in May, 2016 at LVSL.

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