Doctor Machida "Omoide"

Doctor Machida / Omoide  (CD:LVCD-012/DIGITAL)
01. Loop_X
02. Natural Born (feat.PSG)
03. For Floor From Floor
04. Speak More Write More
05. あれば喰う (feat.RIZ)

06. Signal *
07. Omoide *
+4 Instrumentals

06, 07...Digital Only

Based in Tochigi Japan, Doctor Machida has appeared KK's album. He has some anecdotes like when he had a cipher in Shibuya, he served almost all the MC's including those much more famous than him. Who he really is has been a mystery but now Machida releases first mini album, finally giving us his full picture!
He likes to write lyrics with topics from his usual days, adding unique twist and self-deprecating humor to them which characterizes Machida's style. The album opens up with a song he worked with Sugaya Inc., a friend from his hometown. The drive will sure attract listeners. The album's highlight is "Natural Born", featuring PSG and a producer Evis Beats in which Machida putting his history bluntly. In ”For Floor From Floor” he spits on Fragment's high tempo beat and in "Eat Everything In Front of Me" he expresses his never ending appetite. Machida is very humorous but he is also really skilled. The rap style is something for the new generation and we should be happy of the birth of a new talent. Is he gonna have good memories in the end?

ラッパー、ドクトルマチダのデビューミニアルバム。 Evisbeats, Fragment, PSGら豪華ゲストが参加!!!
過去KKのアルバムに参加したり、数年前の渋谷でのサイファで無名ながらほとんどのMCを食ってしまったなど、 いくつかの逸話を持ちつつもその実態は謎に包まれていましたが、そのマチダが待望のミニアルバムをリリース、 遂にその全貌が明らかになります!
生活感あるトピックに、独特のひねくれや自虐感を加えたそのスタイルは彼の持ち味。地元の盟友スガヤインクとの共作である1曲目の疾走感からいきなり引き込まれます。エヴィスビーツのビートに乗せてゲストのPSGと共に「ぶっちゃけた自分史」を綴っていく”Natural Born”は本作一番の聴き所。Fragmentの高速ビートに乗せて歌まで披露する”For Floor From Floor”、耐える事のない食欲についてだけ歌う”あれば食う”など、そのユーモラスでありつつも、幅広く器用で、しっかりとしたスキルに裏打ちされたラップスタイルは、今後の活躍を期待させるに十分であり、新たな才能あるMCの誕生を喜びましょう。 ドクトルマチダの「思い出作り」は成功したのか?

01, 04 Produced by Sugaya, Inc., 02 Produced by Evis Beats
03.Produced by Frament, 05 Produced by Drastik Adhesive Force

06, 07 Produced by KK the Khaosist
Edited, Mastered & Executive Produced by KK
PSG appears courtesy of File Records
Evisbeats appears courtesy of Amida Records
Fragment appears courtesy of Subenoana
Artwork by Naoki Shoji

(P)+(C) 2010 Lo-Vibes Recordings
Released in June 2, 2010

Remastered by Khaosist in 2018 at LVSL.

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