Wodan "Tempest-Tost"

Wodan / Tempest-Tost  (CD:LVCD-009/DIGITAL)
01. tension
02. Sloughed
03. orbiter
04. 白昼夢 (feat. 4ce finger)
05. Dfr
06. a-lex
07. lem
08. con-text (feat. conserve)
09. outland
10. saint seven
11. pump
12. I does it right (feat. sensational)
13. old arope
+ Bonus Track

Since the encounter in 2007, Wodan who has been involved as a member of Lo-Vibes Production and highly recognized in Europe finally releases his first full-length album. Wodan who grew up listening to hiphop, techno, electro as well as hardcore punk produces really unique and atmospheric music which is cannot be categorized either electronica or abstract. His music has humorous sound of electronic music which reminds us early German techno artists like Cluster, probably because he was born in Germany. They also composed of fat hiphop beats, an essense of Celtic music and deep sound scape created upon samplings. They are so unique that more you listen to them, the deeper you can explorer.
In the album, 3 great MC's appear as featured guest: A super unique MC from Wordsound in New York, Sensational does his thing. From Japan, the Nakameguro Yakkyoku lieutenant 4ce Finger who just overwhelmed us with his full-length joined as well. Last but not least, Wodan's sworn ally Conserve who has a distinctive flow brings his contribution. The 3 MC's colors Wodanized Beats. The album contains both great instrumental songs and rap songs. It is, in short, an album that you can appreciate for many years to come.

2007年にKKと邂逅して以来、Lo-Vibes Productionのメンバーとして活動を続けるドイツ人ビートアーティストWodan(ウォーダン)。ヨーロッパでも高い評価を得る彼の待望のファーストアルバムが完成。
さらにそのサウンドに乗せて、3人の豪華MCがゲスト参加。ニューヨークから、アメリカを代表するアンダーグラウンドレーベル Wordsoundの超個性派MC Sensational(センセーショナル)が参戦!! 日本からは中目黒薬局若頭、そのファーストアルバムのクオリティで全リスナーを圧倒した、指折りの実力派MC 4ce Finger(フォースフィンガー)が参加。そして地元ドイツからはWodanの盟友であり、独特なフロウで評価の高いMC Conserve(コンサーブ)を迎え、強烈な個性の3人がWodanized Beatsに花を添えており、インストとラップ物のバランスも絶妙な、聴き所満載で飽きずに長くお楽しみ頂けるアルバムがここに完成した。

All beats Produced by Wodan
Sensational appears courtesy of Wordsound
4ce Finger appears courtesy of Nakameguro Yakkyoku
Edited, Mastered & Executive Produced by KK
Distributed by Ultra Vybe

(P)+(C) 2009-2016 Lo-Vibes Recordings
Released in May 2, 2009

Remastered by Khaosist in May, 2016 at LVSL. 

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