072 "Inquisition"

072 / Inquisition  (CD:LVCD-015/DIGITAL)

01. inquisition (Beat by Drastik Adhesive Force)
02. HUNTING (Beat by Yakkle)
03. 黄熊猫【Yellowpanda】 (Beat by KK)
04. 依存娼婦 (Beat by SHIROKUMA)
05. 互 (Beat by 煙亭雲楽)
06. モンスタ (Beat by Drastik Adhesive Force)
07. 太鼓囃子 (Beat by KK)
08. EAST PLAN (Beat by DJ YU)
09. おイノチ (Beat by KK)
10. Telepathy (Beat by KK)
11. 月と紫陽花 (Beat by KK)
12. sperm android (Beat by KK)
13. my MIC (Beat by Legrobeats)
14. Rule (Beat by 煙亭雲楽&KK)
15. Chateau (Beat by KK)

From 2006, she has gotten high props by collaboration with MICHITA, HAIIRO DE ROSSI, B.I.G. JOE, KK, and by many live performances. B.I.G. JOE commented about her "a menace to a major hiphop scene", ill and skillful her formidable rap will break the stereotypes of female rappers and make a revolution on the scene.
Producers are KK (who was fascinated by her from a very early time), Drastic Adhesive Force (famous for heavy beats from Lo-Vibes), Yakkle (known for his dope sounds and collaboration with Shing02, HAIIRO DE ROSSI), Legrobeats (known for collaboration with Takuma the great) and the newest Sapporo beat makers.
072, the newest talent which is vivid, individual and intense has appeared on Japanese rap scene now!

B.I.G. JOE、Michita、HAIIRO DE ROSSI、KKらと共演や客演を重ねてきた札幌の天才フィメールMC、072が待望の自己名義ファーストソロをリリース!!
2006年から、MichitaやHaiiro de Rossi, B.I.G. JOEやLo-VibesコンピレーションでのKKとの共演など、数々の客演とライブ活動でプロップスを上げてきた天才女性MC、072(ナツ)が、Lo-Vibesとタッグを組み、待望の自己名義アルバムをリリース! あのB.IG. JOEに「彼女はメジャーをも脅かす天才!」とまで言わしめる彼女。その才能の全貌がようやく明らかになります。イルでいてスキルフルなその強烈なラップは、フィメールMCの概念を覆し、シーンに革命を起こすでしょう。 プロデューサーとして東京からいち早く彼女に魅せられ共演したKK、同じローバイブスから地獄の低音ビートでアルバムを彩るDrastik Adhesive Force、またshing02やHaiiro de Rosiiとの共演でドープな音に定評があるYakkle、Takuma the Greatらにハイクオリティな音を提供するLegrobeats、他札幌の新進気鋭なビートメイカー陣など、若手プロデューサーを積極的にフィーチャー!! また新たに日本語ラップシーンを彩る強烈な個性が誕生しました。

All lyrics written by 072
Mixed, Edited & Mastered by KK
Artwork by +N1
Distributed by Ultra Vybe

(P)+(C) 2012 Lo-Vibes Recordings
Released in August 2, 2012

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key:Beats, Hip-Hop, Dope, Electronic, Khaosist, Lo-Vibes, Mo' Fun, Dubstep, Grime, Bass Music, Absrtract Hip-Hop, mic.edu, A-Twice, Sensational, Wordsound, ECCY, Candle, PSG, K-Bomb, ARI1010, shing02, Daisuke Tanabe, jealousguy, DJ Krush, Southpaw Chop, K404, 072, Hudson Mohawke, Yosi Horikawa, Luckyme, Repeat Pattern, Quarta330, Hyperdub, Sun Ra, Miles Davis, Psychedlic, Blacksmoker, Evisbeats, Amida, Fragment, 術の穴, Gorge, Skweee, RLP, Cosmopolyphonic, Galapagos4, Rumi, 環Roy, 鎮座Dopeness, 日本語ラップ, J-Rap, フリースタイルダンジョン, 武満徹, Xenakis, Stockhauzen, Noise, Avant-Garde, Prince, Funk, showbiz, J-Dilla, el-p, Japanese, Ableton Live, Waves, Native Instruments, Massive, Battery, AKAI MPC, emu SP1200

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