01. 愚民救済の夜明け
02. Tensqrt
03. 元から知っていたくせに
04. 壁 (featuring Dragons Of Edin & Exam)
05. 無題一首
06. U...
07. Lalala
08. 少年 "ナ月ノス"
09. 回転迷路
10. 1997

11. Tensqrt (Remix)

"徒然" is
 included on Original CD only.

ARI1010...his release has been long awaited, through his appearances on DJ Dolbee's mixtapes and KK "Vibration-Lo," and also from his super unique style at live shows, his poetic universe has been the topic among hip hop fetishes.
He is a deep poet, and at the same time, the aura of abnormality of his uniqueness is sure to win acclaim as a 'peculiar' talent amongst the next generation rappers. He is backed by KK, Mihara, DJ Dolbee, and Sugaya, Inc.Also making guest appearances are female prodigy Miroque, Dragons of Edin (eudai and Shrug), and Exam. 

ARI1010・・・DJ Dolbeeのミックステープでのフリースタイルや、KK"Vibration-Lo"への参加、その他ライブ等での個性的すぎるスタイル、詞世界、アクの強いステ-ジングなどが物好き間で評判となったMC ARI1010の記念碑的ファースト。深みのある詩人であると同時に変態性すら感じる彼の個性は、特異な才能として高い評価を得続けています。
KK、Mihara、DJ Dolbee、Sugaya,Inc.らがバックアップ。さらに女流鬼才ア-チストMiroqueや、コロラドの盟友ラップアクトDragons Of Edin (eudai & Shrug)、ラッパーExamらもゲスト参加。 

Directed by ari1010 & KK
Beat Produced by ari1010 (3.6.10), KK (,
DJ Dolbee (8), Mihara (5), Sugaya Inc. (4.11)
Keyboards by Miroque (appears courtesy of 360 Records & Cachamai) on(1)
SE & Effects by k404 (Wreckin' Crew) on(9)
Mixed by KK (except 4 by Sugaya,Inc.)
Assisted by Takuya Nakamura & Sugaya,Inc.
Mastered by Takuya Nakamura
Artwork by Y.Suzuki
Distributed by Ultra Vybe

(P)+(C) 2003 Lo-Vibes Recordings
Released in July 30, 2003

Remastered by Khaosist in May, 2016 at LVSL.

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key:Beats, Hip-Hop, Dope, Electronic, Khaosist, Lo-Vibes, Mo' Fun, Dubstep, Grime, Bass Music, Absrtract Hip-Hop, mic.edu, A-Twice, Sensational, Wordsound, ECCY, Candle, PSG, K-Bomb, ARI1010, shing02, Daisuke Tanabe, jealousguy, DJ Krush, Southpaw Chop, K404, 072, Hudson Mohawke, Yosi Horikawa, Luckyme, Repeat Pattern, Quarta330, Hyperdub, Sun Ra, Miles Davis, Psychedlic, Blacksmoker, Evisbeats, Amida, Fragment, 術の穴, Gorge, Skweee, RLP, Cosmopolyphonic, Galapagos4, Rumi, 環Roy, 鎮座Dopeness, 日本語ラップ, J-Rap, フリースタイルダンジョン, 武満徹, Xenakis, Stockhauzen, Noise, Avant-Garde, Prince, Funk, showbiz, J-Dilla, el-p, Japanese, Ableton Live, Waves, Native Instruments, Massive, Battery, AKAI MPC, emu SP1200

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