KK the Khaosist "Light in a Fog"

KK / Light in a Fog  (CD:MJCD-041)

01. Dogmatyl
02. What's Up? feat. K-Bomb (Think Tank)
03. Immigrant Anthem feat. Kensho Kuma & Tenzin
04. Crisis feat. hisomi-TNP, Kensho Kuma, Candle & Cream Cungbell
05. Restas
06. 知ったこっちゃありません feat. Candle
07. Lovely feat. Tamaki ROY
08. Speak to the Beat feat. SHRUGnice (DOE) & L.I.F.E.Long
09. Lullan
10. mimic feat. Dragons of Edin
11. 18 feat. Eudai Moniaus (Dragons of Edin)
12. Xin Chao feat. Cream Cungbell
13. Depas
14. Lift the Fog Up feat. Shing02
15. その気にさせろ feat. Ari1010
16. Light in a Fog
17. Ship

"Signal feat. Doctor Machida" "Ego Trip feat. Sogai King MC"
are  included on Original CD only.

It has been seven years since Japan's beat artist KK dropped his classic album "Vibration-Lo." Now we are proud to present you KK's long awaited 2nd MC featured album, "Light in a Fog."
The list of featured MC's starts off with fellow label mates ARI1010 and Dragons of Edin; then to Shing02, who leads the Japanese rap scene remotely from the U.S. West Coast; K-Bomb, stirring it up by high paced releases with Think Tank and also his "Killer Bong" moniker; MC Candle fresh from his first album release through Mary Joy; and Tamaki Roy, who released the much talked about album "Shonen Monster" from DA.ME.Records recently. We will also hear from U.S. artists, such as Kensho and Tenzin from the West Coast Underground, and NY's L.I.F.E. Long whom you heard through appearances on Cannibal OX and Antipop Consortium projects. Similar to "Vibration-Lo," we will introduce you to several up and coming MC's as well. Cream Cungbell from Kobe performs in both Japanese and Vietnamese, hisomi-tnp presents his skills from Gunma, and Doctor Machida also makes an appearance from Tochigi.
KK presents us his world with his deep diverse beats accompanied by various MC's. It is a precise artisanal work of production that only KK can build and present.

日本を代表する孤高のビートアーチストKK、 待望の自己名義のMCフィーチャリングアルバムの登場です!!
参加MCは、レーベルメイトである盟友ARI1010, Dragons of Edinを始め、アメリカ西海岸から日本語ラップシーンを余裕で牽引するshing02、Think Tankでの活動やKiller Bong名義でのハイペースリリースでシーンを攪乱し続ける異才K-Bomb、Mary Joyで活躍を続ける凄腕MC Candle、DA.ME.Recordsからリリースした話題のアルバム『少年モンスター』で人気急上昇中の実力派、環ROY、またアメリカからも、西海岸を中心に活動するKensho, Tenzinのコンビや、Cannibal OXやAntipop Consortiumの作品参加で有名なNYのMC L.I.F.E.Longらが参加。また『Vibration-Lo』と同様に、今回も若手MCを多数フィーチャー。ベトナム語と日本語の2カ国語ラップを披露する異端児Cream Cungbell、群馬で活動する実力派hisomi-tnp、栃木を拠点に活動するドクトルマチダらが参加。
多彩なMCを迎えつつも、相変わらずの奥深いヴァラエティに富んだビートと、職人技とも言える細かいプロデュース術で、一本筋の通ったKKにしか作り得 ないKKワールドが展開されています。

All Beats Produced, Mixed & Mastered by KK
K-Bomb appears by courtesy of Blacksmoker Records
Tamaki ROY appears by courtesy of DA.ME.Records
Artwork by harukoboll
Distributed by CIsco International/Ultra Vybe

(C) 2007 Mary Joy Recordings, Inc. under exclusive license from Lo-Vibes Recordings (P) 2007 Mary Joy Recordings, Inc. (P)+(C) 2010 Lo-Vibes Recordings
Released in April 27, 2007

Remastered by Khaosist in June, 2017 at LVSL.

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