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jealousguy "Get Mo' Fun"
jealousguy "Overshadowed"
A-Shura Beats "antiquity"
Khaosist as KK "Hidden Notes"
V.A. "Mo' Big Fun"
Offwhyte + KK "GO EP"
Sanden Gonza "Tribulation"
Nadsroic "Yokka"
REPEAT PATTERN "circle vs square"
V.A. "Sum Dum Fun"
072 "Inquisition"
amai "Sugar EP"
ARI1010 "Headrome (REMASTERED)"
a.z "Streamin' (Remaster)"
Colossius "No Doubt Fare Night EP"
Doctor Machida "OMOIDE (REMASTERED+2)"
Drastik Adhesive Force "Human Music (Remaster)"
Various Artists "Umbruch Selection"
Various Artists "Steppin' Ahead"
Takaaaki, Tagoo, Rhys "Inland"
Wodan "Tempest-Tost (Remaster)"
Bike Boy a.k.a.Chew-Z "Strange Fiction"
T2R "Steppers and Countrymen"
OQTO "Bass, Space & Beatz"
KK the Khaosist "in the Khaos '69 (New Edition)"
Wodan "Short Groove EP (Remaster)"
KK the Khaosist "Light in a Fog (New Edition)"
KK + Shing02 "Lift the Fog Up EP"
KK the Khaosist "Eternal Tones (New Edition)"
ARI1010 & Eudai "Monument (New Edition)"
Dragons of Edin "Sediments (Remastered)"
ARI1010 "TENSQRT (New Edition)"
Various Artists "by US"
KK the Khaosist "Vibration-Lo (New Edition)" 

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